Be like MLK, for free: download the books that influenced him

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Maybe one day you could look this thoughtful. via the Seattle Times

On MLK Day, we’re challenged to rise above out usual pettiness and smallness to work towards a better, more equal future. Well, that and argue about whether or not he was a conservative. Easier said than done, of course, but MediaBistro has found a hack for you to start emulating the good doctor on the cheap: a list of the books that shaped his worldview that you can download for free.

Would you be surprised to find out the books on there are things like The Bourne Identity and The DaVinci Code? Well, we would too, especially because they didn’t exist when MLK was forumlating his philosophy. No, instead you can grab some of the most influential political treatises in human history, things like The PrinceThe Republic and Civil Disobedience. Even if you read these in college, it’s never a bad thing to get a refresher, and while in the age of e-books you can’t look smart by being seen reading it on the subway, you can let people know you’re reading them by reading out loud. Anyway, check out the whole list over at MediaBistro and jumpstart your life as a fearless crusader for peace and justice.

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