You probably have a bunch of free Ticketmaster tickets waiting for you

You probably have a bunch of free Ticketmaster tickets waiting for you
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Ticketmaster has always felt like the worst and you’ve probably had this hunch that something shady was going on with them since high school, when you tried to buy Metallica and Ruff Ryders tickets only to be faced with ridiculous extra fees. Well it turns out you were right all along: Ticketmaster always was the worst, charging you exorbitant fees since 1999. That’s according to a class action lawsuit, Schlesinger v. Ticketmaster, which determined the corporate middleman jacked-up fees for things like “order-processing” and shipping costs to the detriment of you, the consumer.

The settlement Ticketmaster agreed to basically means they owes you a ton of money if you bought any tickets through them from 1999 to 2013. But in typical Ticketmaster fashion, instead of just giving you the money, you have to order more tickets to claim it. The good news is you probably have free tickets waiting for you right now.

Ticketmaster handed out as many as 17 vouchers and discount codes to each user as part of the settlement, and you can use them for shows up through 2020. To see your vouchers, log in to your Ticketmaster account and go here, or click on the “active vouchers” section under “my account.”

Here’s where it gets complicated: You probably have vouchers for discounts of a whopping $2.25 to certain events, but you also have a bunch of free tickets … and it’s not clear which shows you can use them on. This site is supposed to list events eligible for your free tickets, but there is no list of events on it yet. Ticketmaster strikes again. UPDATE: The list of shows you can use the vouchers for is out, and it contains a “toilet fire” of options, as Gothamist put it.

So in summary: Ticketmaster screwed you for 14 years, and to make it right, you have to pay them even more money or maybe get some free tickets to crappy seat-filler shows TBD. Keep up the good work, Ticketmaster! No wonder Lin-Manuel Miranda thinks this system is boned.

At least when local ticketing companies charge service fees, we know what they’re for.

[h/t Brendan Jay Sullivan]

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