Barter economy returns! A swap meet for homemade goods

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bartering these goods? yes you can!

If you’ve spent the summer eying up artisan cheeses with Brian Williams and dreaming of an Etsy shop of your own but aren’t sure you’re up to it, 61 Local in Cobble Hill has the answer to your crafty commitment-phobia. On Sept. 8, you can show off your skill set, whatever it may be, at the next BK Swappers event. How it works: you bring three to five homemade items — which can range from edible to exhibit-worthy — and come prepared to barter for that jar of raspberry preserves that catches your eye. The mango-infused guacamole recipe you’ve had on your fridge for months? Now’s the time to try it out, because this event is free.

Let’s say you took us up on that Brooklyn Brainery gift certificate, only to leave your copious notes on canning idling on the coffee table: The BK Swap will give you all the incentive you need to make a dent in that list of DIYs in the back of your mind.

If that’s not enough motivation, Kris of 61 Local says some chicken and beekeepers will be stopping by with locally laid eggs and honey straight from the Brooklyn hives. While the food can come in any form, 61 Local prefers portion sizes of 4 – 16 ounces. It’s the first time they’ve held it at 61 Local,  but Megan Paska of Brooklyn Beekeepers, one of the co-founders, says”We’ve been having swaps for the past year and a half at places like The Brooklyn Kitchen, Smorgasburg, and some art spaces and bars in the area.”

The event is  at 6:30pm at 61 Local, 61 Bergen St. in Cobble Hill.

RSVP here and check out the swap on Facebook for more details.

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  1. Hey Kelly! Thanks for the coverage, but this is not the first swap we’ve held. Kate, Jane and I have been at this every other month for the past year and a half! 

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