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Bars We Love: Your Mission Dolores, should you choose to accept it

Misson Dolores

Mission Dolores
249 4th Ave (between Carroll and President)
Park Slope
(347) 457-5606

What it is: A railroad-style, tri-furcated space with a courtyard smack in the middle of the place. Reclaimed everything with a wall emblazoned with the mugshots of San Francisco’s most wanted circa 1941. Constant rotation of 20 drafts and one cask* of mostly American and many local brews.

Why we love it: They bought us all Bulliet shots when Obama and the good guys beat that turd Romney and the legitimate rape right on election night. But also, because it’s a generally awesome place to hang with cool people, there’s an always interesting list of unusual beers on tap, dogs to distract you from the boring people you’re with and it’s in stumbling proximity to tacos.

Who to bring: Your whole blog staff for “editorial meetings.” (They have free wifi, but don’t plan on getting anything done once the pitchers start pouring.)

What to order: Very curious about the Flying Dog + Brew Dog International Arms Race, because that’s a fantastic name for a beer.

Fun fact: *WTF makes some beer “cask” beer? I never dared ask at a bar for fear of afficianado scorn. Luckily we have Google. Cask beer is simply unfiltered, unpasturized beer that, unlike regular bottled and draft beer, does not undergo any artificial carbonation. And now you know, the rest of the story.

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