Bars We Love: Where there’s a Hope & (an) Anchor

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Hope and Anchor
347 Van Brunt St.
Red Hook
(718) 237-0276

What is it: An outpost fully stocked with food, fun and booze in out-of-the-way Brooklyn.

Why we love it: This place loves to party. You’ll be totally (red) hooked once they reel you in on jazz jams, drag karaoke and craft beer.

Who to bring: Anyone who loves the spotlight, or can handle the energy of people who like having the spotlight. Karaoke here is a must, so bring your friend who starred in their high school plays, your friend who wishes they starred in their high school plays but was really just in the chorus, or anyone who shamelessly enjoys having a good time.

What to order: Other than beer you mean? The fish tacos, if you’re into that kind of thing. If not, choose something else from the fun food menu which includes “snax,” “‘wiches” and a “hangover helper” breakfast burrito. The prices are fun, too–almost everything is under $10.

Hope & Anchor fun fact: Saturday karaoke goes long into the night, and everyone loves 12:30am karaoke jams. It’s also probably the only bar in Brooklyn where you can a short stack of pancakes

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  1. “It’s also probably the only bar in Brooklyn where you can a short stack of pancakes”

    Because it’s a diner.

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