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Bars We Love: Poke around at Williamsburg’s Soft Spot!


Soft Spot
128 Bedford Ave., at 11th St.
(718) 384-7768

What is it: A relaxed bar on the Bedford strip where you can order a beer or six without being hassled. It’s less frantic than some of the nearby places and often screens TV shows like the Walking Dead.

Why We love it: For being a rather narrow bar there always seems to be room. The back yard is so large it kinda explodes with space when you walk outside. The bartenders are nice and quick and you can’t beat their 2-for-1 well and beer drinks until 8pm. Oh wait, yes you can, the 2-for-1 well and beer special on Tuesday which runs all night long.

Who to bring: A friend looking for a low key night with a good selection of beers.

What to order: Two of everything until 8pm.

Soft Spot fun fact: In the winter you can sit inside on the eclectic furniture next to the fire while in the summer there are BBQs in the back yard.

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