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Bars We Love: Hoist one at Mugs Ale House


Mugs Alehouse
125 Bedford Ave. (at N. 10th Street)
(718) 486-8232

What it is: A bar goers bar that somehow transcends all stereotypes from hipster to frat boy.

Why we love it: Ever walk into a place and just feel like you belong, but can’t quite figure out why? We can’t promise everybody will know your name, but Mugs has that Cheers vibe that will make you forget you’re in Williamsburg.

Who to bring: Don’t let the Bedford Ave. address fool you–Mugs is Average Joe friendly while still keeping up with the Jones’ of North Brooklyn. Sports fans and creatives unite to eat, drink and be merry no matter what color their collar.

What to order: If you’re feeling like a bro, wings and a beer. If you’re feeling like a classy bro, mussels and a beer. Anything that you can pair with the 32 drafts and two casks available at the bar.

Mugs Ale House Fun Fact: Michael Jackson was there! (No, not that Michael Jackson, this one).

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  1. Aw man. Having known some people who worked here, I can never go in this place again because the ownership is shady even for the restaurant industry. Hint: the owners told the executive chef that they weren’t allowed to hire female cooks or black people because those groups “don’t belong in professional kitchens.”

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