Bar Guide 2015

Bars We Love: Hey ho, let’s go — to Ho’Brah!


8618 3rd Ave., (between 86th & 87th), Bay Ridge, 718-680-8226
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What it is: Taco joint right next door to Kettle Black Bar, from the same owners; Bay Ridge’s one and only surf shack.

Why we love it: Fresh and flavorful ingredients meet friendly service and an insistently beachy ambience. (Technically it’s only a few avenues east of the Narrows). Roleplaying Cali bros while devouring delicious tacos in the depths of winter is as effective an antidote as any we can think of. Bring anybody who’s a sucker for that island vibe; taco and margarita lovers.

What to order: Any of the four draft beers hailing from a tropical outpost; most recently, Hawaii’s Kona Brewing Company represented, with aspirational names like the “Longboard Lager” or “Big Wave Golden Ale.” Tacos! Try the “Sunset Pork,” ($3.75) chipotle-orange-pineapple pulled pork, or the “Diablo Diego” ($4.25) of double chili marinated spicy shrimp.

Regular tip: “Ho’Brah” is surfer slang adopted from Hawaiian Pidgin, an exclamation that heralds something extraordinary.

Ho’Brah featured in the 2015 South Brooklyn & Rockaway Beer Book, on sale now. Sign up here to be alerted when the Upper and Middle Brooklyn books go on sale.

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