Bars We Love: Go for a swim at Lavender Lake!

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Lavender Lake
383 Carroll Street (between Bond & Nevins)
(347) 799-2154

What it is: Destination drinking spot on the shore of namesake Gowanus Canal with seasonal menu and local brews on tap.

Why we love it: Besides well-priced drafts and crafted cocktails, the multi-level yard is an outdoor drinking utopia, even in the depths of winter. Standing around the crackling fire pit with a tasty beer in hand, enjoying the company of friends old and new, that high water mark on the outdoor wall (almost 6 feet high) really makes you appreciate the heart and hard work that went into recovery after Sandy.

Who to bring: A date (there’s a nice makeout opportunity on the Carroll Street wooden draw bridge after a few beverages, assuming the namesake canal is not malodorous that evening), a large crowd of friends for a mythical creatures themed birthday party, anyone who enjoys tasty local brews around a fire pit.

What to order: It’d be hard to strike out with anything from the taps here, it’s all about how you’re pairing it. The $10 burger gets rave reviews and salty homemade potato chips are divine with a late night Manhattan on the rocks.

Fun fact: Lavender Lake is an old nickname for the Gowanus Canal, earned from the murky, oily, technicolor sheen from years of waste runoff.

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