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Bars We Love: Score a goal at the Roebling Sporting Club!

roebling sporting club

Roebling Sporting Club
225 North 8th Street

What it is: Superficially still the former K & M Bar, the Roebling Sporting Club kept the interior design but added tons of TVs, for maximum game-watching ability.

Why we love it: Sometimes you just want to watch sports. A lot of sports. If you’re a Williamsburg resident who doesn’t want to pay for cable, you could pass plenty of time here making sure you keep up with all of New York City’s sports action. Beats finding choppy, virus-ridden pirate streams.

Who to bring: Your friends who want to watch a game with you, your enemies who you want to watch squirm as their favorite team blows another 20-point lead.

What to order: One of the rotating six taps, or you can pick from one of the bar’s 13 bottles. The truly cheap strapped can also grab a $3 Rolling Rock, which is an increasingly rare price seen in upscale Williamsburg. Roebling Sports Club also has a full food menu to choose from, with fair prices. The pulled pork sliders come with the right amount of seasoning and are tastefully served on a long thin plate.

Fun fact: Vegans who are sports fans, you’re more than welcome! We mean, they don’t put out a carpet for you or anything, but the bar food menu goes beyond the sports bro chow with options like kale chips, chickpea fries and a grilled mint parsley pesto.

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  1. Williamsburg hopper

    And Roebling Sporting Club has DJ’s every Friday/Saturday night starting at 11pm-4am. Late night dancing and good music local after a game – hello awesome!

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