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Bars We Love: Mosey on down to Montana’s Trail House!

Montana's Trail House.
Montana’s Trail House.

Montana’s Trail House
455 Troutman St., (Scott Ave and Cypress Ave.), Bushwick,

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What it is: Montana’s Trail House is a restaurant/bar with an Appalachian-based high-low menu.

Why we love it:  You’ll be tempted to stay the weekend at Montana’s, a comforting and warm bar that feels like a secluded cabin, only with hot bartenders and rootbeer-braised brisket. We’ve seen people come in with a couple of friends, a Tinder date or a large group of people – although obvs advance notice is recommended for the latter.

What to order: Nate Courtland serves up some locally based, warm you to the bones, food until the wee hours with their main menu ending at 11pm and their late night bites raging until 3am. If you’re looking for something sweet to order, grab some date cake. Or if you don’t think you are looking for something sweet, still order the date cake. From 11 to 3 you can order fried pickles and wash them down with a $2 Bud. Their hot toddies are bizarrely and addictively good.

Regular tip: Montana’s Trail House makes their own homemade switchel, which is a vinegar, ginger, maple brew aged in bourbon barrels. You can have it mixed with soda water or in the Switch Back, an eight buck cocktail with Ol’ Overholt.

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