Bars We Love: Littleneck, what a pearl!

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288 Third Ave (Carroll & President)

What is it: New England comes to Brooklyn in the form of this clam shack. Littleneck brings oysters and clams from far and wide (except, thankfully, the neighboring Gowanus Canal) for you to suck down by the half dozen. Oh, and they have a pretty nice selection of select drafts and New England favorites in bottles and cans.

Why we love it: We mentioned that it has a raw bar, right? Nothing’s better during a day of drinking than a few dozen raw clams and oysters and a few beers. Of course, if you’re more into the cooked thing, they have plenty of other seafood and land-lubber options. And with the clean, atmospheric décor, this might be the perfect place for that OKCupid drinks-and-snacks date you’re trying to set up for next week.

Who to bring: Definitely bring your seafood loving friends here, or just that special someone you’re trying to get a little closer to. Don’t let the “clam shack” title fool you. With wines that pair up with the food, this place is classy enough to impress your out-of-town parents when they visit.

What to order: Whatever the special oysters that day are. We like them extra briny, but they have an oyster sommelier who will help you pick out the shell to suit your tastes.

Littleneck fun fact: You may actually remember hearing about Littleneck some time back, when they ran a Kickstarter to make up the rest of the money needed to start up. So when you drink here, you’re drinking the voice of South Brooklyn!

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