Carroll Gardens/ Cobble Hill

Bars We Love: Great Scott, it’s Bar Great Harry!

bar great harry
Photo by David Colon

Bar Great Harry
280 Smith Street (Corner of Sackett)
Carroll Gardens
(718) 222-1103

What it is: A divey oasis from sometimes scene-y Smith Street with a constant rotation of tasty brews on tap and strong (non-artisanal) drinks.

Why we love it: Bukowski would drink at BGH if he was a 30-something writer living in Brooklyn in 2013. Plentiful seating options, free wi-fi, and a long happy hour (2pm-7pm) provides a boozy alternative to Starbucks for neighborhood freelancers. In addition to about 20 drafts, a hand-pump cask, and whole mess of micro-brew bottles, they also have a selection of cheap-o cans to switch to after a few high APV pints if you’re in it for the long haul.

Who to bring: BGH is one of only a few indoor dog friendly bars in Brooklyn. Perfect for that friend who is so obsessed with his/her pup that they sometimes would rather stay in and hang out with the dog then go out for a beer. Actually, just bring the dog, leave the lame friend home.

What to order: Drafts change daily, so check the blog or ask the bartender what’s new and interesting. Past stars include local brews like Brooklyn Brewmaster’s Reserve: There Will Be Black and Rockaway Black Gold Nitro Stout.

Fun fact: The winner of the monthly Monday pub quiz Super Solo Round gets a PBR, a roll of TP, and glory, oh so much glory.

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