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Bars We Love: Follow the Left Hand Path!

left hand path

Left Hand Path
89 Wycoff Ave., (Suydam St. and Hart St.),

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What it is: A low lit bar in Bushwick containing a list of curated craft beers, carefully created cocktails and a smooth, chill environment.

Why we love it: Left Hand Path is perfect bar to go into alone as a Bushwick outsider or a local, a place to stop in with a group of friends or to enjoy or drink away a date. Here you can get people together and actually hear them as the crowd tends to remain on the calmer side. You’ve got the bar at the entrance, the stools lining the walls and the killer backyard where you can hang out until 11pm.

The bar itself, dark with mystique, invites you to walk to the back exploring the various corners, back room and the benches which round the walls of the back area. You can try and pin down the bar to one type, but do so with caution. They deliver delicious, thought out cocktails as well as an often appreciated beer and a shot. It’s a both a speakeasy and a dive. An atmosphere of a dimly lit cocktail bar with chandeliers made out of solo cups. It works.

What to order: The beers they serve are posted on a huge slab of tree hung behind the bar, greatly ranging with a focus on craft beers. Their selection changes frequently so stay up to date by following their Facebook to find out what’s about to tap. You can choose or ask for a recommendation for a beer or cocktail and be guaranteed an interesting and satisfying choice. Follow them and you will also find a slew of events ranging from a New Years Eve party to a Superbowl party.

Regular tip: You know that whole, hey can you charge my phone, actually can I see if I got a text for a second, thanks but I still need it to be charged thing that some people do? Well you won’t anymore. Here they have individual USB ports along the bar. No longer must you be that person saying, ‘I promise I’m not usually that person’.

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