Bar of the Week: Double Windsor!

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This is the eleventh in our series on the venues featured in the second Brooklyn Beer Book. This week we’re showcasing Double Windsor, a below-the-park oasis for craft beer lovers that works hard at keeping the neighborhood vibe.

210 Prospect Park West, Windsor Terrace

What it is: A casual bar with a serious roster of American craft beers, locally sourced pub food, and frogs’ legs (not a euphemism).

Why we love it: It’s spacious, it’s cheap, and comes with an expansive view of Prospect Park West that includes Farrell’s (so that you can see today what Double Windsor might aspire to be in 150 years, in its best dreams or worst nightmares).

Who to bring: Your friends – whatever state they’re in, and whatever state they’re from. Profound conversations about brewing processes are as natural a fit here as frivolous shouting matches over the relative virtues of the original Smurfs. The bar manages to welcome all comers without suffering from blandness or an identity crisis, and thus also plays host to a number of events throughout the year, including World Cup games, holiday parties and trivia nights.

What to order: Ask the bartender for recommendations from the 14 rotating draft options, which generally run $4 during happy hour, and which currently include Captain Lawrence Kaptain’s Kolsch and Left Hand Milk Stout. The bar also carries a nice selection of whiskeys, which Brokelyn types can access in a cheapest-finest sort of way through a $5 shot-and-a-beer special.

Double Windsor Fun Fact: In an effort to quickly establish a lived-in, neighborhood-bar kind of feel when the bar opened in 2009, the owners used reclaimed wood for the tables and floors, and the woodwork looks great in the typically subdued lighting. Also, in true Brooklyn fashion, all burgers come with a homemade pickle (DIY til we die!).


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