Bar of the Week: Flatbush Farm & Barn!

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Dandies at Barn after the Big Apple Tweed Ride. Via Flickr’s Konstantin Sergeyev.

This is the eighteenth in our series on the venues featured in the second Brooklyn Beer Book. This week we spotlight a Beer Book newcomer, Flatbush Farm and Barn, an oasis for fun-loving locavores.

76 St. Mark’s Ave., Prospect Heights

What it is: A seasonal, locavore’s dream spot that mixes and urban rustic chic with well-crafted dining options, local beer options and a farm-inspired backyard.

Why we love it: Besides a dedication to a seasonal menu, the bar/restaurant combo keeps its rustic charm by highlighting all its local purveyors: the current list includes organic meats from Fleischers Meats in Kingston, N.Y.; Nester Tello eggs from Red Hook; and produce from Satur Farm on Long Island. The sprawling backyard gives you plenty of room to stretch out, which is why New York Magazine called it “as bucolic as Brooklyn gets.”

Who to bring: Your green-thumbed brunch date to get cozy in the corner with; your big crowd to get rowdy in the backyard on the weekends. The space also hosts loads of events, from the end of the Big Apple Tweed Ride to a party for Green Lantern comic writer Geoff Johns during ComicCon.

What to order: Keep it local with a brew from Red Hook’s Sixpoint brewery, but don’t forget to try the Michael Pollan-approved meals and snacks, including a vegan tofu scramble brunch and a “Rick” Rueben sandwich.

Flatbush Farm fun fact: The building that houses the restaurant (Farm) and the bar (Barn) was once the home of Nkiru Books, the oldest African-American bookstore in New York City. The store moved to Washington Avenue and is now co-owned by Mos Def and Talib Kweli.

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Flatbush Farm/Barn 76 St. Mark’s Ave. Prospect Heights (718)622-3276 What is it: A gastronomic tavern and wine bar for the "established palate," with an emphasis on local, seasonal food and...


  1. The Duck Steak at Flatbush Farm is expensive (~$25), but an absolute, 100% *must-try*. One of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

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