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Bar of the Week: It’s B61!

This is the 28th in our series on the venues featured in the second Brooklyn Beer Book. This week we head down by the water to where the trains don’t go for a returning favorite, B61.

Photo by Ultraclay.

187 Columbia St. at Degraw St., Red Hook

What it is: An easy-going prelude to dinner upstairs, or post-lude to a hard day’s work.

Why we love it: It’s definitely a bit secluded, but the views through the enormous windows make you feel connected to Manhattan, and the regulars at the bar make B61 as a whole feel like a microcosmic Brooklyn.

Who to bring: A friend who knows their way around Red Hook if you haven’t spent much time there yourself, and if you have, then bring yourself. In fact, either way it’s probably best to bring yourself.

What to order: Any of the 12 beers on tap, which begin at $4 and run the full microbrew gamut. Rumor has it that you might also be able to snag a few free tamales if you’re around when Alma closes upstairs.

B61 Fun Fact: B61 bartender Jamie recently made news when he challenged Susan Sarandon to a table tennis game in order to raise money for a new set of teeth (after losing his in a car accident).

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