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Bar of the Week: It’s The Bell House!

This is the fifteenth in our series on the venues featured in the second Brooklyn Beer Book. This week we return to an old favorite from Beer Book 1: The Bell House, home to some of Brooklyn’s most exciting music, comedy and everything-in-between events.

Eugene Mirman and Kristen Schaal, two regular faces at The Bell House

149 7th St. between 2nd and 3rd Aveneues, Gowanus

What it is: What is it not? The front bar is fun enough on its own, but the back is where the action lives: it’s a concert hall, wedding venue, foodie event space, comedy arena, dance club and much more. 

Why we love it: The creativity and range of events can’t be beat: From the Salsa Slam and the various “Hook-Up” parties to the ongoing state fair series and the bizarre costumed Cheryl dance parties, The Bell House always gives opportunities to have fun at a cheap price.

Who to bring: Out of towners: if you’re looking to show off some of the best of what draws people to Brooklyn culture, The Bell House is your spot. Events range from Connect Four tourneys, TV parties, underground rebel bingo, foodie fests, Disney singalongs, blog events, big-deal concerts, comedy festivals and Secret Science Club meetings (basically a science lecture dressed up in hip clothing).

What to order: One of the 16 lines of rotating microbrews might be a good start up front, but cheaper cans of Tecate, Dale’s Pale Ale and Genesee Cream Ale are available if you need a mid-show fix.

The Bell House fun fact: True lovers of The Bell House affectionately refer to it as DAS BELL HAUSE.* Also, it was the scene of the first-ever Brokelyn co-sponsored event, the first BK Meatup in 2009.

*More like a faux fact


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