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This is the third entry in our series on venues featured in the Brokelyn Beer Book 2. Today we feature one of our new entries: d.b.a., a place both beer lovers and whiskey aficionados agree on.


113 N. 7th St. (Berry Street & Wythe Avenue)

What it is: Floor-to-ceiling windows create ambiance of a warm, dimly lit fish tank, if the fish were swimming in cask beer and Basil Hayden. The bar includes an expansive selection of just about everything (whiskey nerds very welcome).

Why we love it: High-quality bar food (gumbo and soft pretzels), knowledgeable staff, cask beer, and nice back yard to stretch your legs in.

Who to bring: Whiskey and bourbon aficionados, New Orleans natives (it’s a Saint’s bar) a missed connection meetup you’d like to seal the deal with: The huge amount of space inside allows for an actual private conversation.

What to order: Try the $8-dollar pint and a pretzel deal. Also, order your liquor neat. This isn’t the place to drown your well whiskey in sour mix and maraschino cherries.

d.b.a. fun fact: Every monday at 7pm, owner Ray Deter hosts free Liquids of Interest tasting from several bottles of note. This week featured corn moonshine; for next week, a sampling of English ales is planned.

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