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Bar of the Week: Crikey, it’s Chip Shop!

This is the 29th in our series on the venues featured in the second Brooklyn Beer Book. This week we feature our penultimate bar by taking a trip over the Atlantic (Avenue) to visit those Brits at Chip Shop.

Photo by Flickr's Robert Alamo

129 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn Heights

What it is: Classic Brit, from Spotted Dick to Old Speckled Hen to Beatles/Bowie posters to the propaganda slapped on the tables and walls.

Why we love it: Something about gloomy Brits and their greasy, caloric, hoppy habits make us very happy. The beers are heavy and the room can get rowdy when a good match is on.

Who to bring: Football (re: soccer) fans, especially those of Arsenal, the house team. Friends who want to share fried macaroni,a full English breakfast, deep fried pizza (!) fish n’ chips and a fried snickers with you, leaving all guilt aside.

What to order: Some of the 16 beers on tap rotate weekly, so ask the bartender if there’s something new and special. Otherwise?: A pint of Harp, fish n’ chips and a fried Twinkie.

ChipShop fun fact: The deep-fried Hostess Cherry Pie was banned from the menu because the actual pie has trans fats, but it is said that you can bring in whatever you want, and they will fry it for you.

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