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Bar of the Day: The Charleston

Photo by Ultraclay!
Photo by Ultraclay!

This is the latest in our series on the venues featured in the Brokelyn Beer Book. The Charleston in Williamsburg is a Brokester’s dream: a pizza comes with every beer.

174 Bedford Ave. between N. 7th and N. 8th Sts., Williamsburg, 718-782-8717

What it is: About as rough and tumble as a bar with gorgeous handmade tables and black-shuttered windows overlooking Bedford Avenue can be.
Why we love it: It’s the cheap-o haven that doesn’t feel like a cheap-o haven. Drinks come with a whole personal pizza.
Who to bring: People watchers, those friends who love to try to eat until they puke, a friendly partner to facilitate sharing a table with strangers on a weekend night.
What to order: Beer and pizza. Period. Make sure there’s parmesan and red pepper at hand.
Charleston fun fact: It’s one of the longest-standing bars in Williamsburg.


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