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Bar of the Day: Brooklyn Ice House

ice house1This is the latest in our series on the venues featured in the Brokelyn Beer Book. Brooklyn Ice House in Red Hook is the perfect out-of-the-way destination for this first weekend of spring.

318 Van Brunt St. between Pioneer & King, Red Hook, 718-222-1865

What is it: Red Hook’s Brooklyn Ice House is a neon lit beacon of hope on an otherwise “where the f am I?” stretch of Van Brunt Street.
Why we love it: People always asking what there is to do in Red Hook.
Who to bring: What might look like a strictly neighborhood dive, is in fact, a well cared for and tended establishment with a come-one-come-all atmosphere fit for locals and out-of-neighborhooders alike. Anyone with wheels (getting out to Red Hook can be tough!) or a beer connoisseur.
What to order: Two pulled pork sandwiches for $5 and onion rings. Absolutely delicious.
Ice House fun fact: The bar has 60-plus beers, categorized by country for your convenience.


  1. Probably my single favorite bar in all of Brooklyn. Coming from the midwest, where every town/city has cozy, home-y, wonderful friendly bars, I can say the Ice House is as close to those treasured spaces as I’ve been able to find in New York. Exceptional food, reaosnable prices, some of the kindest bartenders around. No better way to end a shitty workday than by walking in the front door of the Ice House.

  2. redhookanon

    The food here was crap! The fried tasted of freezer burn. The buns for the cheap sandwiches were gross. I mean I’m all for cheap food, but this tasted cheap. The service was a little too vacation-mode for me. Yuck. Never again.

  3. I can’t understand why anyone has anything good to say about this place. Unless you’re totally starving – like stranded on a desert island hungry – it’s pretty mediocre. They do have beer. But so do a bunch of places.

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