Crown Heights

Bang, zoom, straight to the moon! Brooklyn wins first leg of intra-city space race

cuny satellite
CUNY’s in space, bitches! via Flickr

Space…the giant big empty above our heads. It’s terrifying in its bigness and emptiness, but that didn’t stop some students from CUNY’s Medgar Edvers College from building a satellite they gave to NASA, to be launched into space. And now that satellite has been attached to a rocket and sent up to the stars, meaning Brooklyn is the first borough to puncture the atmosphere and make our mark in space. Suck on that, Queens!

Fortunately for us, the satellite that was built at Crown Heights’ Medgar Evers College, with help from Brooklyn College students, wasn’t a creepy weapons satellite or anything. Instead, it’s one that orbits low in the sky and does things like monitor solar panel efficiencies. Technological AND environmental, how Brooklyn!

So technically, we need to share some of the credit with students from Queensborough Community College, the College of Staten Island, City College, Cornell, the New Jersey Institute of Technology and Cooper Union. But it was built and designed at Medgar Evers, so we get the credit. What you got now, Manhttan, some tall buildings? Pff, we’ll be laughing at those FROM MARS.


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