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Here’s a real solution to rescuing that poor abandoned, debris-ridden lot next to your home (or maybe in your backyard) that won’t dry out your wallet or break your back. In fact, you’ll even get some free grub. The company Nextdoororganics has issued a call for experienced farmers, wannabes (i.e. interns) or just plain interested folks to identify unused, open plots, including backyards, brownfields and school grounds in Brooklyn to be converted into urban farmland. Landowners and tenants can help out with the dirty work — or leave it to the pros, but offering your chunk of soil will yield free access to the season’s harvest.

Most of the fare is brought in from their North Scituate farm in Rhode Island, however, with your help, they’re looking to take over small single or clustered plots of land right here in Brooklyn. The organization debuted at last Saturday’s Bushwick farmer’s market in Maria Hernandez Park where customers can pick up (or have delivered to their door) a week’s order of farm-fresh produce, herbs, and flowers. Unlike a CSA which requires seasonal membership, buyers can customize their orders on a weekly basis.

They’re looking for lots that are less than 320 square feet, and are particularly interested in people with moderately sized plots who can cluster with neighbors.

The company is also advertising paid opportunities for old (or young) Macdonalds looking for work in the city. To find out how to turn your backyard into your very own produce aisle, visit the company’s website or check them out at the Saturday market in Maria Hernandez Park.

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