Crown Heights

Awesome party dude busted in Crown Heights Jewish youth center with guns, acid, mushrooms

holy rollers
Finally, Jesse Eisenberg gets the sequel he didn’t know he wanted to star in.

To a non-Jew, Brooklyn’s Hasidic community can often look foreign if you come from somewhere without a strong Orthodox presence. Hell, even non-Hasidic Jews sometimes don’t know what’s going on in these communities. As it turns out though, we might want to start cracking open that Talmud more often, because an awesome party guy was just busted holding on to an automatic rifle, LSD and mushrooms in Crown Heights Jewish youth center the ALIYA Institute. In his defense, none of those things are explicitly not kosher.

DNA Info shares the news that guy you want to invite to your next party Aaron Akaberi was using a storage space at ALIYA to stash his awesome fun psychedelic drugs and also an AR-15, a BB gun and an air rifle, which are maybe things you should ask him to leave home if he comes to hang out. There was also hallucinogenic pills, which we did not know where a thing.

Before you think about enrolling your kids in a yeshiva though, just keep in mind that Akaberi got busted by an anonymous phone call, so apparently not everyone at ALIYA was cool harboring a stash of guns and drugs. Unless of course there’s a rival drugs and gun running gang there who were just making a power play.

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