Sweet gig alert for average white male with beard and ‘great personality’

No skills required, just mediocre looks and a great personality
No skills required, just mediocre looks and a great personality

Times sure are tough out there for white male actors, but luckily every now and then somebody throws them a bone. If they’re extra lucky, they don’t even have to have any acting talent or experience, as is the case with this call from Gotham Casting, which only requires its contender be pale as a plate of mashed potatoes, “hipster style” bearded, and evidently, simultaneously bemused yet also possessing a great personality.

If you or anybody you know looks like this sad sack, pictured above, you could get paid $125 for four hours of what appears to be a gig related to the filming of the Air Sex Championship at Warsaw in Greenpoint. Even if you’re not quite the type, you can still get paid $40 to be in the audience of the show.

The ad calls for the actor to show up at Warsaw on July 12 from 3-7pm, after emailing his info — name, age, pic, resume — to [email protected]

Meanwhile, Gotham Casting has also put out a casting call for audience members of Air Sex to come to Warsaw for a shoot held the next couple days, July 13, 14 and 15. Dress is only stipulated as “DIVE BAR—need we say more?” You get paid $40 for being in the audience too it’s a cash bar though).

So whether you look the part of average bearded hipster white guy or dive bar-chic human, sounds like you could make some easy money next week. Here’s the ad in full:

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 12.52.19 PM

And here’s what Air Sex looks like, in case you’re curious:

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