Auditionfor the Terry Crews-hosted ‘Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?’ next week

terry crews
Yeah, go ahead, ask him for a million dollars

You may not have realized (and we wouldn’t blame you if you hadn’t) that Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? was still on TV.¬†And yet somehow, the show taunting people with the dream of winning one million dollars, and then losing a bunch of it to taxes, is still going. You can audition for it next week in the city if you want. While we would usually not think this is a big deal, there’s a very awesome reason we do think it’s a big deal this time. Terry motherfucking Crews, the Ebony Falcon, President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho himself, is the show’s new host.

Now, Terry Crew hosting doesn’t necessarily mean that if you get a question wrong he’ll fold you in half like a piece of cardboard. After all, he appears to be a nice guy and he’s a great comedic actor. Still, you never know if he might do it, which adds an element of danger to the show that it previously lacked.

So, you want to try to be a millionaire? Well then just march your candy ass to the ABC Building (57 West 66th Street) between 5pm and 7pm on from May 13 through May 16 with a picture ID proving that you’re 18 and a strong desire to both become rich and look Terry Crews in the eye and say “I’d like to poll the motherfucking audience.”

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