Attention social (media) butterflies: The Post needs a social media manager

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Is this you? We’ve got a job for you

Hey, are you one of those slick young Millennials who’s been conning Olds into thinking they don’t know how Twitter and Tumblr and Ello and Vine and Facebook and Instagram and That work? Well great, because while one day your job will probably be farmed out to an intern from a younger generation, for now there are jobs for you that pay and have benefits. Like this social media coordinator gig at the New York Post you should try to get that job while it still exists.

What will you be doing at Uncle Rupert’s Dark Tower of Magick and News? Oh, the usual: figuring out the best way to share stories from the Post and Page Six on the paper’s various social media platforms. Which in this case means Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. We know, no Vine or Tumblr? Someone who’s like, 40 could do this job! You’ll also be expected to “leverage social media for story ideas” aka “click around on hashtags until you find something funny” and handle comment moderation, which sounds like a goddamn nightmare.

Think you can do all this? Well, if you’ve got news judgement, two years of experience running social media in a newsroom, can predict the next hot social network and you’re a team player, shoot an email to digitaljobs [AT] with the subject “Social Media Coordinator.” Try not to tweet anything disparaging about your least favorite Post columnists for a couple weeks after applying, your future bosses will probably see that.

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