Artists: Get eligible for up to $5000 in grants from BAC

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You might have an ideas, but you also might not be able to afford the frame. via Facebook

If you’ve maxed out your last credit card buying your latest stash of materials for your sculpture studio, it may be time to start thinking about applying for a grant. You could hit up the Brooklyn Arts Council, who awards up to $5000 to Brooklyn-based professional and pre-professional artists, artist collectives and non-profit organizations who are making art in all forms. First though, you’ll have to check out one of their seminars.

If you haven’t already done so, you can still register for a BAC Grants Information Seminars.  Even if you’ve applied or been given a grant before, anyone interested in being eligible to receive a 2015 BAC grant must attend. Seminars will go over eligibility and funding, and help you out with the application process. Take advantage of the Q&A and perhaps use the seminar to scope out your competition…

There are four seminars left on the schedule, being held in Downtown Brooklyn, DUMBO and Fort Greene between now and September 3.

If you’ve dreamed of creating a web series, forming a multicultural dance cooperative or beautifying your neighborhood with your artistic talents, this could be the perfect opportunity. Check out some current grantees, and get inspired to fund your project.

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