Art gallery to feature five alternative proposals for Atlantic Yards next month

atlantic yards reimagined
What in the hell… via Atlantic Yards Alternatives

No matter how many more lawsuits gum up the works, it would appear that the Atlantic Yards project will be adding its housing towers and uh, more housing towers to Brooklyn. Some day, though maybe not in your lifetime. Still, even though there’s a plan in place that Forest City Ratner is sticking to, that doesn’t mean architects can’t dream of other proposals being dropped into Prospect Heights. In June, Prospect Heights’ Warehouse Gallery (623 Bergen Street) will show off five alternative proposals for Atlantic Yards that are probably all going up on parallel Earths.

What? There are probably parallel Earths. Anyway, The alternate plans that the Warehouse Gallery will be showing between June 6 and June 22 off run the gamut from a space-age green-heavy plan from OPerA Studios to a plan from Amoia Cody Architecture that puts yards in the sky. Which sounds maybe a little dangerous, but hey, this is New York, city of danger, right? Right.

The one thing each of the plans have in common is that as strange as they look, they all match the Forest City Ratner plan’s 4,320 residential units, 156,000 square feet of retail space and the 1,324 parking spots. So check out the show once it opens, and then when you look out into the stars, you can wonder what things are like on the Earth where there are buildings with yards 15 stories in the air.

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