Are you ready for some football bars?

Photo by Anna Jacobson.

Back in October, we ran our list of great bars to watch the Yanks in their eventual gazillionth World Series romp. Now it’s pigskin playoff time, and Gang Green’s still around while Big Blue’s already deep in hibernation. We’ll all need a place to take in the Bengal-stomping game. Here’s our same list of  great sports bars around the borough, plus our readers’ additions from October. Because, really, big TVs are big TVs, beer is beer… and it’s football time, people!

Mullane’s, 71 Lafayette Ave. (Fort Greene)
One of our favorite sports-watching spots, Mullane’s has ample viewing room, and there’s a $6 beer-and-a-shot special to help get you through half-time.

Floyd, 131 Atlantic Ave. (Cobble Hill)
Floyd has several TVs and one giant projection screen to catch the big game action on, plus one of our favorite beer specials in town: $12 for a “fun pack” of shitty beers, including such awesome offerings as Stroh and Schmidt, and they usually have $2 Schlitz cans. Then, when you quickly tire of watching the doped up juggernauts smack each other around, you can jump on the bocce court to amuse yourself.

O’Keefe’s, 64 Court St. (Downtown)
Once described by a bartender (elsewhere) as “sports bar hell,” O’Keefe’s is your standard flat-screen-and-fried-foods joint with friendly enough staff and certainly plenty of room to see the game.

200 Fifth, 200 5th Ave. (Park Slope)
Haven’t been here ourselves yet, but word is this is the most bro-rific, frat-tacular bar in all of the Slope. You certainly won’t have trouble seeing the game on their 65 TVs (oh how we long for just one tuned to NewsHour) or stuffing your face with wings or skins. Lube up your high-fives, brojangles, and get ready for some FOOTBALL.

Voodoo Lounge, 138 Fifth Ave. (Park Slope)
Similar to above, though fewer TVs means it looks less like the command center from Independence Day. We also saw a pretty awesome couples fight take place outside here involving lots of F bombs and crying, so that’s got to mean something.

O’Connors, 39 Fifth Ave. (Park Slope)
This dive in the runoff from Park Slope is the perfect bar for Giants fans. Why? Because it’s ideal for sitting alone in the corner and slowly getting bombed on cheap drinks while watching the game on a shoddy old TV as you curse life and wish your team had had a clue about what to do with a 5-0 start to a season.

Readers’ picks

Ellis Bar, 627 Fifth Ave. (South Slope)

Brooklyn Bowl (HD projection), 61 Wythe Ave. (Williamsburg)

Wing Bar, 275 Smith St. (Cobble Hill)

Angry Wade’s, 224 Smith St. (Cobble Hill)

773 Lounge, 773 Coney Island Ave. (Flatbush)

Redd’s, 511 Grand St. (Williamsburg)

Let us know in the comments if we still missed your favorite game-watching spot.

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  1. If you’re looking to go out and actually get away from football, check us out at Bogota Latin Bistro. We will have the game on at the bar for the occasionally checking in.

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