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Archery lesson Groupon will get you the protection you need, for less

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Hey, it worked for this guy.

Hey, have you heard? New York City is dangerous again, and that means you need some protection. No sense in trying for a gun though, those are way too difficult to get around here, at least legally. So while you could go find some back alley in which to buy yourself a snub nose .38, allow us to suggest a different path: a good old fashioned bow and arrow. You might not know how to use one now, but there’s a Groupon out there for lessons right here in Brooklyn for half of what it usually will run you.

With this Groupon, you’ll be able to learn the finer points of firing arrows at people and possibly put yourself on the road to being the next Hawkeye if you’re young enough to make those kinds of major life changes. You can pay either $25 for a 90-minute lesson that usually costs $50, or you can pay $69 for three lessons that will usually run you $150.

You’ll be taught by the folks at Hidden Gems Archery, give have roving lessons in the Brooklyn Heights area, either at the Brooklyn Friends School, St. Francis College or the Metropolitan Rod and Gun Club. Do they keep changing locations because they’re outlaw archers with gritty backstories and nothing to lose? Only one way to find out!

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