Apply TODAY to be a Fire Island lifeguard this summer

See what we mean? The Fire Island guards in action. Photo by Drew Budd.

Could there be a more chill summer job than this one? The National Park Service is hiring lifeguards at Fire Island for $15 to $22 hour, and the application deadline is tomorrow. The “recreational assistant” job listings are here at the USA Jobs web site (there are three links but we’ll let you read the fine print to figure out the difference.) We know what some of you are thinking: all summer, with nothing to do but reapply zinc and watch the waves… but this is a federal job, so there’s probably a pee test. We’re guessing these gigs go fast, and there’s a sort of Winklevoss vibe to the lifeguard photos a Google image search turns up, but maybe they start out the summer looking beardy, pale and bookish? Here’s a link to lifeguard jobs closer to home at Gateway National Recreation Center, and if all else fails, there’s always an NYC pool.

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