Apply now to be a BK public-access TV star this summer

Do your Fosse hands belong on cable TV?

Who hasn’t seen Wayne’s World and thought to themselves, Man, they had it all!  If having your own public access TV show has always been a lofty dream of yours, stop what you’re doing right now (but keep reading!) and recognize that this dream could soon become a reality. You have until Friday, April 27 to submit your show to the BCAT TV network, which is aired on Cablevision channels 67–70, Time Warner channels 34–35 & 56–57,  RCN channels 82–85 and Verizon channels 42–45.
Programs are typically community-focused, covering anything from arts and culture to current events to activism to high school sports reporting. To submit a show for the BCAT TV Network, you must be a Brooklyn resident and 18 years or older.  That’s pretty much the only major requirement, but porn and flagrant copyright violations probably won’t get you far. If you’re interested in submitting a show, you will need to make an appointment by calling the Programming Department at 718-683-5606.

If you’ve got a lot of ideas but no know-how, BCAT can help you there too (but not in time for the summer lineup.) BRIC Arts Media offers an assortment of classes ranging in topic and expertise, from basic editing and field production to marketing techniques and graphic design through its Brooklyn Center for Media Education. They also have equipment and production space, but you have to take classes to become something called a Certified Community Producer to use them. (The total tuition for the certification ends up ranging from$50-$98.)  From what we hear, the classes are totally worth it.

The classes are held at the interim location at 242 3rd STreet at the BRIC Community Media Center.



  1. Lee Eddy

    Thanks for the shout-out, Jo!

    Just a heads up… our interim location is the BRIC Community Media Center in Gowanus, Brooklyn (242 3rd Street). You can find a complete listing of certification classes offered by BRIC’s Brooklyn Center for Media Education (that range from $50 – $98, depending on the course) at

    And yes, the classes are totally worth it… but I’m biased.

  2. charlie

    thanks for hyping bcat! we also have an in-house production staff that makes kings-centric stuff for brooklyn independent television ( and are always looking for great stories, feel free to hit me with a pitch: [email protected]

  3. Nicholas Bruzese

    i have , bein an acting, extra,,from 2007 to 2010. I also have a public speaking Cert. And i have a playright Cert. i would love to have my own T, on
    Brooklyn public T.V.

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