Apply now for your chance to write for late night television on NBC!

You could be the behind-the-scenes voice of Angela Merkel! via NBC
Your words could make it all the way to the mouth of Angela Merkel. via NBC

It’s a new year, and a new you. This is the year you finally get recognized for your raw potential. If 2015 saw you slogging through the cavernous tunnels of anonymous copywriting, or penning clever tweets for a crummy startup that wasn’t making better use of your inherent comedic talents, then chin up: NBCUniversal’s Late Night Writers Workshop is now accepting applications for its 2016 program, and you (yes, you) can apply.

According to the website, the workshop is “a multi-day program focused on exposing talented sketch and comedy writers to NBCUniversal’s late night & alternative line-up and readying them for a staff writer position.” In other words, kids, this workshop could be your way into a permanent gig on Jimmy Fallon. The deadline is Friday so get on it.

In order to apply, you’ll need a resumé, and a sketch packet consisting of topical monologue jokes, desk bits, and a couple SNL-style sketches. There are also a few personal essay questions, so get ready to talk about your unique comedic perspective, whose humor you think is underrated and why, and page 212 of your comedic autobiography.

The program is seeking “writers who are ‘almost there,'” so if you’re green to the comedy scene then you might want to build up your portfolio for another year. Female writers and writers of color are encouraged to apply. Whatever your background or experience, it’s worth checking out NBCUniversal’s uber-helpful Facebook page, where they’ve been posting tips about sketch packet submissions and what will stand out to the Powers That Be.

Submissions will be accepted until Thursday Friday, Jan. 15 at 11:59pm. Apply online today, and write for Tonight!

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