You can make 20 bucks an hour as a professional line sitter

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Why is this man smiling? Because he’s rich, mostly. via @sold_inc

Because the rate of suckers being born has increased from “every minute” to “every second,” it hasn’t been hard to notice the proliferation of huge lines in the city for things. Cronuts, ramen burgers, iPhones; if you make it kinda scarce, they will come and wait. Of course, some folks are enterprising about all of this, like Robert Samuel, who’s established a thriving professional line sitting business. How thriving? He told Racked that he charges $10 per half hour on the line, after charging $25 for the first hour of waiting. Don’t all line up at once to take his job, he’s probably already beaten you there.

The interview he gave about the ethically dicey profession is pretty fascinating, even beyond the money he can make from people just for being willing to wake up and stand somewhere. For instance, no one has fought him so far when the people he waits in the line for show up and that he once waited 19 hours in line for an iPhone for someone.

It’s not a solo venture though, Samuel told the site he has seven employees, or people who answer his texts looking for opportunities to stand around, at his company he calls SOLD Inc. So if you want to get into the professional line sitter business, we’d suggest hitting him up on Twitter and letting him know you’ve got hardy legs and a good pair of shoes. But we’d suggest reading the whole interview so you know what you’re getting into.

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