Anti-SantaCon posters for bars are back this year

anti-santacon poster
This should end well. via reddit

Despite the best efforts of Hell’s Kitchen, SantaCon is coming back this year, and given that the mob of Santa Clausi might have a persecution complex, it’s best to just stay out of their way. Of course, how do you know where to go, aside from anywhere that isn’t the Lower East Side, Williamsburg or the East Village? Like last year’s anti-Santite posters put out by Eater, activist neighborhood group LES Dwellers has picked up the ball and has made posters of their own for bar owners to put up in their drinkeries, like the one above spotted by a redditor. Although since these have no legal authority, we kind of wonder if this is just inviting trouble?

We don’t know what the route for the Con is this year, although they’re promising to come to our neck of the woods, some part of it. If you want safe haven, these posters could be what you’re looking for, although these are kind of school marm-ish and scold-y if we’re being totally honest.

But, if you want to be sure that your regular spot won’t be somewhere targeted by the rolling red tornado of vomit-soaked beards, you can probably get its owner in touch with LES Dwellers. That or you can just cede your regular place for one Saturday and go exploring. After all, exploring is fun!

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