Anti-de Blasio airplane banner reign of terror continues in NYC skies

de blasio cop banner
Devastating. There’s no coming back from this. via Twitter user @sarkis01

Ah, the airplane banner, the traditional beach herald of messages like “$4 BUD LIGHT AT JOHNNY’S CRAB SHACK” or “LADIE’S NIGHT AT THE BIFF’S TIKI HUT.” The banner is getting a new edge though, because it’s also turning into the preferred way for Bill de Blasio’s political enemies to spread their message that Mayor Tall is basically killing the police with his mild rhetoric criticizing some of their tactics. Today’s banner, the third such one we’ve seen in the last few weeks, screamed “DE BLASIO GET OFF THE POT RESIGN WE ❤️ NYPD.”

As Gothamist reports, this is the third in what’s become a series of banners, the first one reading “De Blasio Our Backs Have Turned To You” and “De Blasio Apologize to the NYPD.” The group taking responsibility for the aerial bombardment is calling themselves Retired NYPD For A Safe New York, and paired the banner with a press release outlining Bill de Blasio’s many sins against the NYPD. Among them: running on ending stop-and-frisk, being friendly with Al Sharpton, not commenting on a City Hall die-in done by City Council members and not condemning anti-police brutality protests around the city.

They did however give Mayor Tall and Chirlane credit for “for raising a respectful, law abiding young man, as any parent knows how challenging it is to raise a child in today’s society,” which is apparently an issue at hand right now. All of that being said, we know enough to know that three instances of something makes a trend, so we can expect these aerial political blasts to keep coming until de Blasio agrees to turn the city over to Pat Lynch and Ed Mullins.

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