Pizza on earth: Bring toys for the Rockaways, get cheap Roberta’s grub!

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Because you only help out for the pizza, right? Just kidding. We know you’re better than that. Right? Um, that was weird. Anyway, today through Thursday, Roberta’s will be collecting new, unwrapped toys in its Tiki Bar for the Rockaway community. With every toy you bring, you can get a glass of wine or draft beer AND a pizza roll for just $6. Heyoo! Roberta’s legendary pizza for cheap. Cue Homer Simpson mouth watering.

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  1. Hold up. I think you missed the news angle on this story. Roberta’s makes PIZZA ROLLS??!!! What is this and why did I not previously know about it? Are they like the amazing little pockets of deliciousness we had as kids before we grew up and started worrying about silly things like “obesity” and “artifical flavoring”? Investigative journalism must be done on this very important situation.

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