American Apparel thinks the hurricane is a perfect time for a sale

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Did the storm wash away your slim slacks? Restock today!

American Apparel, Brooklyn’s No. 1 source for hurricane supplies, has issued one of the first incidences of capitalizing on this storm which, in case you forgot, has killed 35 people in the U.S. and destroyed  a whole neighborhood in Queens. But hey, the cardigan economy is hurting too. What do we make of this, brokesters?

The subject line of the email, sent last night at 11:30pm, was:

☁ ☂ ϟ Hurricane Sandy Sale! ϟ ☂ ☁ 20% Off Everything!

Thanks to Sarah Herbst for the tip!

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  1. A lot of other companies were doing this (Steven Alan, for instance). Stupid, yes, but lets not make American Apparel the scapegoat.

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