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Wear protection: Snag a free bike helmet at the library this week

Set a good example for the children. via Facebook

Riding a bike in the city is one of life’s great joys, provided that you can deal with the drivers and the potholes and the police. Yes, even with all that it’s still very nice, but it should be noted that the drivers and the potholes could help give you some serious brain damage or even kill you. Get some protection for that skull of yours (it houses your brain, after al) without having to pay for it this Thursday when the Department of Transportation gives out free helmets at the Brooklyn Public Library’s main branch. You can use the money saved to buy yourself some tubes for the inevitable pothole-caused flat tire.

Your skull might feel hard, but it’s pretty soft when hitting the concrete after flipping over your handlebars as you go 15, so help that brain jar of yours out and get a free helmet this week. The DOT’s giveaway on May 7 lasts from 3:30pm to 7pm and coincides with Bike Month and the great bike riding weather we’re living through at the moment. If you don’t have a helmet because you say you can’t afford it, or just think your $40 is better spent on beer and drugs, then here’s a chance to avoid having to make that tough choice between safety and food/hedonism.

And speaking of bike safety, if you want to help make an impact that isn’t you slamming into the side of a car, the DOT is holding a bike lane planning workshop in Bushwick on Saturday so you can work with your neighbors to make the neighborhood a bit safer for the two-wheeled set.

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