Alright hear this: Littlefield hosting MCA Day 2013 on Saturday

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Hey, ladies

It’s weird to think about, but it’s been almost a full year since MCA died. And surprise! It still sucks. But, we could sit around crying about it, or we could have a party celebrating the man’s life. And we could do it in Brooklyn, the land of his birth. Oh hey, Littlefield is doing just that. Awesome.

Because the world can always use a reminder that you can go from (talented) fratty mook to intellectual standard bearer of the “Free Tibet” movement, Littlefield is celebrating Adam Yauch’s life on the first anniversary of his death. This fits perfectly with the tiny Beastie Boys resurgence in the news, with the band’s memoir and the playground named after Adam Yauch in Brooklyn Heights. Lucky for us, this celebration is on a Saturday, which means we can spend all day hanging out and remembering how awesome he was. Oh, and we can do it for free too.

Littlefield promises art and music, plenty of like-minded folks to hang out and appreciate the late Nathaniel Hornblower, along with opportunities to donate to charities that they’ve invited, since MCA was all about giving back. Oh, oh! And there’ll also be a giant boombox (with batteries, natch) which will blasting said music. So, come Saturday, get it together, hit up Littlefield and see what’s happening.

MCA Day 2013, Saturday, May 4, 11am, Littlefield, 622 Degraw Street, Gowanus, FREE

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