Brokerlyn: Private space for under $900, and in bougie neighborhoods too

Tibetan prayer flags don’t work inside but this is still a v cute setup.

Brooklyn is a great part of town, they said, Brooklyn is where your dreams will come true, they said, Brooklyn has wildly overpriced real estate and you’ll really struggle to find a decent apartment within your price range, they did not mention. We’ve been there, we know the struggle & the hustle, so here are some apartments we’ve lovingly plucked from our rental service and less well curated parts of the internet – namely, Craigslist.


Those arches tho
Crown Heights

Hardwood floors, clean white walls, natural light – that’s a damn fine price for your own private space in this part of town. Looks pre-war, with the kind of lovely molding details Americans don’t create anymore and are sadder without.


Aspiring costumers especially welcome
Prospect Heights
Bedroom in a three-bedroom

A three-bedroom sublease is probably not your ideal, but for $995 in Prospect Heights? That’s a hell of a deal. Place looks nice too, and the bedroom pics feature a somehow not creepy mannequin, which is impressive.


Woke up in a walk-up

This second-floor walk-up looks clean af, plus it’s a damn proper one-bedroom, the kind that plenty of people turn into two-bedrooms. The lease is only six months, and that front room is pretty spacious.


Cute af
Bedroom in a three-bedroom

Ok, this is probably kinda cramped but it’s so dang adorable (although a bit too honest BK to be twee)! Those two windows, with the bed pushed into the corner – a perfect spot to relive your 11-year-old Hogwarts fantasies and live your dreams of living in Brooklyn in realtime. The shared spaces are already furnished, and by the sounds of the listing and the look of the layout this is a private homeowners’ rental.


Bougie bathroom
Prospect Lefferts Gardens

Looks pre-war with a renovated bathroom and a not renovated kitchen but one with plenty of counter space. Apparently the lister has been getting a lot of calls thinking this is a studio or a one-bedroom, but the renter will be sharing the space beyond their bedroom. You’ve been told.


Bike storage on deck
Room in a three-bedroom

Looks spacious and well lit, and the bathroom and kitchen seem to have been recently renovated. You’ll be getting two roommates, and your cat / dog / cat & dog combo are welcome.

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