All aboard the Night Train, with your conductor, Wyatt Cenac

Happily enough, this is not a Pizza Hut ad. Photo via Seth Olenick

While we miss Kurt Braunohler and Kristen Schaal’s Hot Tub Comedy, gone because because LA kidnapped Schaal(boo), their enchanting comedic legacy lives on. Night Train, a new comedy show hosted by Daily Show correspondent Wyatt Cenac, launches on Monday, November 5 and will take place every Monday at 8pm, at Littlefield (yay!).

Night Train will feature the standard comedic variety show stalwarts of standups and musicians but also promises surprises that can only be found in Gowanus (invisible shrimp? the Gowanus robot?). On November 5, Cenac (seen here mixing purple drank and Mace Windu) welcomes an all-star first night lineup of Janeane Garofalo, noted consumer advocate Eugene Mirman and Jessi Klein. Tickets are $5 in advance or $8 on the day of the show.

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