Apply to this lottery and win a $856/month Prospect Heights luxury apartment

Sure as the sun will rise, there will be another affordable housing lottery. Why, you wonder, do these open so frequently? How, you ponder, are so many subsidized units coming onto the market but still it’s not enough to make Brooklyn affordable? Because, we answer, the real frequency is in the city generously handing out tax abatements and there really aren’t that many subsidized units, just a lot of significantly less taxed developments with a handful of comparatively cheaper apartments each.

In Brooklyn’s latest and greatest affordable housing lottery, 15 newly constructed units are awaiting your applications at “The Brooklyn Zinc” on 317 St. Marks Ave. in Prospect Heights. There are three studios, four one-bedrooms and eight two-bedrooms. The studios are renting for $856/month, the one-bedrooms for $958/month and the two-bedrooms for $1,114/month. Eligible studio applicants are single-person families making between $29,349 and $40,080 a year; eligible one-bedroom applicants are one- to two-person families making between $32846 and $45,840 a year; and eligible two-bedroom applicants are two- to four-person families making between $38,195 and $57,240 a year.


A rendering of the building's outside. Photo via NY
A rendering of the building’s outside. Photo via NY

No fun amenities are listed for this new development, although StreetEasy shows pictures of a gym, pool room, and roof deck, so maybe whoever wrote up the affordable housing lottery just got lazy. The building is within walking distance of the A/C/S/B/Q/2/3 and 4 trains and the B49 bus. It’s also super close to Beer Book bars‘ the Saint Catherine, Covenhoven and Berg’n – just sayin’.


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Per usual, a portion of units will go to those with mobility, vision, or hearing disabilities, municipal employees, and area residents (in this case, those living within Brooklyn Community Board 8).

The lottery will be accepting applications through July 21 at midnight. Don’t be scammed: There’s never a broker’s fee for these lotteries and you should apply through NYC Housing Connect.

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