‘Affordable housing’ for $3,143/month now up for lottery in Bushwick & W’burg

Like manna, the governmental sky periodically opens up and sprinkles down subsidized leases onto New York’s masses. The Cerberus of these affordable apartments is a lottery system which is totally definitely never vulnerable to nepotism and preferential treatment and is completely entirely impenetrable to any kind of unfair influence. Basically, it’s a perfect system, thank God de Blasio cracked the code on affordable housing or New York would really be in a funk. Whoo, dodged that bullet!

The most recent manna to be dropped upon Brooklyn consists six apartments. (If only tax credits were sentient so we could give them hugs of gratitude for allowing for the creation of these six $2,200+ a month apartments.)

In Bushwick, at the newly constructed elongated and dual-color box which is 22 Melrose St., there are three units up for lottery: two two-bedrooms and one three-bedroom. For extra money, there’s a laundry room! And how!

The two bedrooms will be renting for $2,726/month to two- to four-person families with an annual income between $93,463 and $124,020 annually. The three bedroom will be renting for $3,143 to a three- to six-person family making between $107,760 and $143,910 annually. If you don’t make 130 percent of the area’s median income, you will not be considered for these apartments.


The building, which is smoke-free, is down the block from the Myrtle Av M, J, and Z station.

Over in Williamsburg, the three one-bedroom units at 126 Boerum St. are even less affordable! Also available to those making 130 percent AMI, these apartments are renting to one- to two-person families making between $77,246 and $99,320 annually.


This building also boasts a laundry room (“additional fees apply) and is a short walk from the Lorimer St. M, J, and Z station as well as the Broadway G station.

In both lotteries, preference will be given to mobility-, vision-, and hearing-disabled applicants.

As always, there’s no broker’s fee nor application fee – just apply through NYC Housing Connect. The Bushwick lottery began accepting applications today, and will continue accepting through midnight on TK. The Williamsburg lottery began accepting applications on January 31, and will continue accepting through midnight on TK.

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