More and more adults are stuck with roommates

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Study this, because it’s gonna be your life

Roommates, they’re just the worst, right? Well, maybe not always, but there is something nice about the idea of being able to come home to a place you own, or uh, rent, all on your own. Plus there’s less of a chance that someone else’s sexual escapade robs you, which is something you should worry about. Too bad then, that a new report from Zillow and shared by Business Insider shows that the trend of adults having roommates is on the upswing nationwide, including New York. The good news? We guess your roommates can help raise your horrible kids.

Back in 2000, in the good old days before you damn kids wrecked the economy by living through high school and college and wanting jobs, 37.3% of New Yorkers had roommates. By 2012, that number has jumped to 42.4%, an increase of almost 14% in just 12 years. It follows the national trend of people being stuck with roommates, with the number of Americans with roommates jumping from 25.4% to 32% in the same timeframe.

Unsurprisingly, the report also notes that adults with roommates make less money than people living in their own places (76% less to be exact), which they say makes it difficult to save for a downpayment or their own place without roommates. When reached for comment, everyone you know all said “Haha, what’s a downpayment? Excuse me, I gotta go let my roommate in, that asshole left without his keys again.”

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