Ad agency Fallon Minneapolis will now market your Kickstarter for you

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This is your idea either being uncomfortably sexualized or being rewarded. Can’t quite tell

Kickstart is big business these days, as Spike Lee or Rob Adams or Zach Braff  (in his mewling voice with that face that just makes you want to punch into dust) will tell you. Sure the platform was supposed to help weirdo creatives get money to fund their projects without bending to the whims of investors, but those days are over. Get with the times, Grandpa. Dr. Pepper 10! So of course, there’s now an ad firm that will help you make your Kickstarter stand out, and all you need to give them is a cut of your successful fundraiser.

Ad company Fallon Minneapolis has created what they’re calling the Fallon Starter Kit (not to be confused with the “Grow Your Own Jimmy Fallon” seeds that NBC sells at the Rock Center gift shop). The starter kit, according to Fallon’s interview with Fast Company will help your Kickstarter stand out in a sea of appeals to money by taking advantage of PR company voodoo in helping to craft your reward strategy, the story of your project and your media attack strategy.

Compensating Fallon will apparently mean giving them a small cut of your raised cash, or giving them a small equity stake in the project. It all seems like just another way to take Kickstarter away from regular shlubs like us and further professionalize it, since it’s hard enough to get your friends and supporters to shell out for your crazy ideas without telling them, “Oh, and I’m also paying a PR firm that’s worked with Arby’s.” Of course, if you do want some tips for Kickstarter and want them for free, there’s always our own Caroline Shadood’s excellent guide to making your Kickstarter stand out.

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