A surprise to no one: Williamsburg Bridge can’t handle displaced L train riders

As the impending L train saga continues, the Village Voice and Brooklyn Patch report that the J, M, and Z lines will only be handle to accommodate 25% of stranded L train commuters once the big shutdown goes into effect.

So, what did these two publications discover? Turns out that only a maximum of 24 trains (yup, you read that correctly) can travel over the Williamsburg Bridge per hour. Which means that the three additional train lines makes up a quarter of the stranded 24,100 riders serviced by the L train. Sounds terrible, right?

The MTA has issued some big promises that we hope come to fruition and aren’t just hot air. They promised a bus service fleet, new bike lanes, and an additional carpool lane on the Williamsburg Bridge. In other news, you’re still waiting for that Tinder date from November 2017 to text you back.

[H/t via Brooklyn Patch]

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