Amazing pictures from the 1965 Ikea catalog

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Apparently, there’s some kerfluffle over the Red Hook Ikea banishing a nursing mom to the bathroom, but that unfortunate incident hasn’t dimmed our excitement over all things Ikea this week. (Our official statement: breastfeeding is awesome cause it’s even cheaper than Swedish meatballs.) Anyway, in a search for design bloggers’ picks from the new 2010 catalog, we came across this amazing post from the Vienna-based Ikketikketheo blog. (Does that just roll of the tongue in any language?) Blogger Sara, a Swede, features several spreads from a 1965 Ikea catalog that her mother happened to save. The pictures of the colorific mod interiors made us wish we could still send in that dog-eared order form for a Hugo chair. Does it come in white? See them for yourself.

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